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We pride ourselves on building great working relationships with our clients – it’s about you and your business, so when we first talk we will ask a lot of questions to get to know you better to allow us to design an amazing website for your needs.

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Website Design and Development

We specialise in web design using the WordPress platform. Each and every website is completely personalised to our client’s needs using a variety of features available. From simple marketing websites to complex e-commerce projects – we have invested a lot of time to gain experience for a variety of designs. Why have we chosen WordPress as our favourite CMS? It’s simplicity, meaning it’s easy for our clients to navigate for text and image updates without having to pay extra after we handover the site; its functionality enabling developers to design fully bespoke websites with an extensive number of plugins and themes; its search engine friendliness allowing for extensive SEO campaigns with the expertise we offer and availability of the right plugins. All websites we design are fully responsive and they will look just as good on a mobile or tablet as they look on a desktop. The majority of websites can be designed through WordPress however, if your business needs a different path, we will be sure to tell you. Click here to find out more.

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SEO and Content Writing

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO in web design jargon) is the golden key to boosting your website up the Google ranks. The importance of a good SEO campaign varies from client to client, but the reasons usually include boosting their website traffic, increasing enquiries and maximising sales. Sometimes clients decide their website is purely for information only and that’s okay too. An ongoing SEO campaign is one of the most popular choices, keeping your website up the ranks at all times. WordPress plugins are fantastic to boost your website however, if someone tells you that’s enough, it’s simply a lie. The technology of a good plugin is certainly a start, but in order to get up and, more importantly, stay up you will need an expert to keep it going as all the Google algorithms continue to change and evolve. Click here for more info about our SEO campaign step by step. One of the crucial components to achieving a high Google ranking is having the right content. We will be more than happy to assist with your existing content or create something new. 

Maintenance and Social Media Management

After we have designed your website and took care of your SEO, you may be interested in our ongoing maintenance offer. Our services include weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and one-off maintenance. Why would you need this? Your website now looks perfect, but there are things happening in the background that may need looking after on a regular basis – updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes; backups to restore your website if needed; ongoing security; broken links and errors. Finally, you may simply want to periodically update your content such as menus, items on sale or any changes to the structure of your website. We can look after this on a subscription basis or sporadically as and when required. Click here for more info on what our site maintenance package includes. Lastly, social media is by far one of the greatest marketing tools out there. If it’s not your thing or perhaps you don’t have enough time while running your business, we are trained to provide ongoing social media management as well as a one-off tutorial to help get you started. Click here for more info on what we offer. 


Client Testimonials

''It was such a pleasure to work with Bervinder and Patrycja. They helped me with the design of a website for my cleaning business and I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family!''


Director, Iza Cleaning Services

"Thank you PRT Web Design, my website looks amazing. I am so happy with this, I feel it reflects my business brilliantly. Thank you for keeping me involved the whole way through the process and taking my ideas into account. I will definitely be recommending your warm, friendly and professional services.''


Business Owner, Love Soul Freedom

''I contacted prt web design as I needed a website for my new business, I spoke to a lovely gentleman named bervinder who guided me through the process and was very understanding of the needs I have, communication was excellent throughout. My website and SEO marketing was up and running in the time stated. I would highly recommend prt web design to anyone.''

Nabeel Ahmed

Business Owner, Honour Security

Latest Projects


A website we designed for a therapist based in Sussex.


A website we designed for a cleaning company.


A website we designed for the owner of Honour Security, Nabeel Ahmed.


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